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'09 Focus 1.6 Zetec

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I've owned the car for a couple of months now and really like it! As with all things, when you change cars you immediately start seeing your variety all over the place!

I used to drive Mk II and Mk III Escorts (my Mum's of course!) and I knew all of the different models within a design - L, GL, Ghia, XR - but I am a bit confused by the variations now! Can someone tell me where my Zetec sits compared to other models and what 'extras' the others get?

One other thing that got me is how the Handbook tells you nothing at all about achieving a 'bluetooth' connection. I did it be fiddling about - and its very strange when the car starts talking to you! - but diddly squat in the official Ford Tome!

I wonder whether there's anything else about my car that I don't know about!

One final thing, is the 'ashtray' sprung loaded door supposed to be damped in any way? I ask this because mine is like Arkwrights Till! Maybe it is 'correct' but other makes of car have nicely damped slow opening doors. I asked a Ford Dealership Parts Department man and his microfiche didn't show anything!

Any info gratefully accepted!



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On the MK2.5 it sent like this: Style, Zetec, Zetec S, Titanium, Titanium X, ST1, ST2, ST3, RS. Obviously there where special editions released, but they don't really matter as those listed where the main variants.

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Thanks Mobily. Well I wasn't sure but if, like me, your car has a Hif Fi with a red and green telephone handset buttons then it probably does have Blue Tooth and you need to put your phone into Blue Tooth mode to see if it can detect your car. To be fair, mobile phones are bit of a black art but I fiddled about and got there!

Thanks Gump321. So mines a Mk 2.5 is it? My neighbours have a Mk 1 so I didn't know there was one between mine and theirs! Is the Mk 3 the one Ford are selling now with the revised shape? Is there any listing of what the specs of the different models are? I gather mine is basic, but not too, and there are clearly more sporty or up market specs then. I suppose a Titanium is equivalent to a Ghia then and a Zetec is roughly a GL? Mind you, you certainly get a lot more for your money these days?

One more question - and little gripe - Thank God for the heated front screen but is there a reason for the outer edges of the wiper swept area not to be heated? It's as though they thought the wipers were going to be shorter?!!!

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Interesting, I do have the telephone buttons on the radio but just thought they were there only for models of Titanium and up. I shall try bluetooth tommorrow to see if it works. I do know that the zetec is not advertised as having bluetooth though. It could be that the previous owner had it installed to their car.

In respect of the ashtray door mine opens slowly. I have to say I haven't noticed an issue with the heated windscreen.

The main issues I have experienced is fuel economy is quite poor.... 30mpg around town and 38mpg on a run.... and the car needs a lot of revs to get it moving. If I had my time again I would have tried to find a 115bhp petrol version or a non dpf 115 diesel version.

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