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Why Ford?

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Hi guys, don't post on here often but read when I can.

The question actually popped into my head the other day and it was just to ask you, Ford Owners, why you choose this make? Have you remained loyal since you drove your first? Why do you prefer this over anything else (within your budget ofcourse). I've noticed a bit of hate for the Corsa on this forum for example :P Why so? Sorry for so many questions !

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Of the cars I have owned, they have always been Fords, but I have only owned my own car for the last 4 years or so. Had a MK1.5 Focus, then MK7 Fiesta and now a MK3 Focus.

One of the big things I like about Ford's are their gearboxes (or at least the changer), my Grandad has nearly only ever had Fords, my mums first car was a Ford.

They tend to be good drivers cars, hence the Focus and Fiesta being one of (if not the) best selling in their class.

French cars, Fiat and Vauxhall tend to be the main competition, but I have always found them "mushy" to drive, compared to Fords.

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I have owned several cars in my past (not an extensive driving career) since 2005 I have owned:

Citroen AX (the perfect starter car)

Ford Fiesta Finesse (54 plate) - lovely car but I was burning a lot of petrol money so promoted to

Ford Focus Zetec Climate (55 plate) - an excellent car - but it was the spawn of the devil and EVERYTHING that could go wrong went wrong. It was an excellent motor, reasonably priced for maintenance (except the DPF) and was an altogether pleasure to drive. I looked to swap it for another but then went for a

Kia Cee'd (10 plate) - Perfect competition to the Focus, slightly less boot space but every aspect of its driving was as well handling as the Focus. I only went with it, as we had recently had our first born and I needed a car that I could rely on, and wouldn't cost me a fortune, I had very little budget, but the 7 year warranty (6 years left when I bought it) was the final factor that swayed me away from the Ford. The family grew once again, and I needed more space so went for my current motor

Ford Focus CMAX (55 plate) - for me, its just as good as driving the Focus, but the handling is a little more poor, but then again, its an MPV not a low Centre of Gravity. It pulls very well indeed, its a constant (and very easy) to drive. Although an ex CAT - D writeoff, I just love it. so much boot space, a nice interior, and a comfortable drive.

To be honest, even looking at other motors, I was always swayed to Ford. Although they have there downfalls, the manufacturer is the perfect balance of class / elegance / sport but without the price tag to accompany it. They are well built (despite the niggling recurrence of problems that are inherited from father to son) and for me, my local dealer is excellent, They are a 15 minute walkaway, and they are absolutely brilliant. I get a service plan with them which spreads the cost, parts are 10% cheaper because of it, and if I ever need a small job doing, they dont tend to charge a lot (fiver for them taking off the old wheel nuts that had started to disintegrate). They always go the extra mile, and that, coupled with the above is the main reason I returned.

Part of me wishes I hadn't strayed, but to be honest, every Ford I buy has a problem and we get off to a ropey start, I think my decision was right for the family, and to be honest - as the old saying goes - "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

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Comfort and quality. Great parts availability ie your not waiting weeks for parts from another country to fix the motor and I just generally realy enjoy the style of fords. Ive had a corsa and a fiesta so far and the fiestas beat the corsa hands down. Plus im a brand specific kinda guy :lol: ill only buy fords from now on just like anything electronic I buy has to be Sony whether its a phone or car stereo lol if Ford/Sony make it and im after it ill buy it rather than waste money on cheap rubbish lol

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I have owned over 50 cars but always come back to Fords. I have been especially impressed with the recent ranges and plan to stick around for a while. I am on my 14th Ford.

I did recently buy a 9 year old Clio for the Wife as her SportKA was going to need some serious welding and this was the best value low mileage car around here. Although there isn't a spot of rust on it and the seats are really comfortable, I dont like driving it that much. Mainly because its got that stupid electronic power steering which gives you no feedback whatsover and a heavy cable clutch. The switches work back to front but on the plus side it has a lot of extras as standard.

When I get in a Ford its like an old friend. It does what its supposed to do.

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I've had several cars -

1987 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - After its FOURTH engine died at 137,000 miles, I decided it was time to move on. I fixed the engine and sold the car

1992 Chevrolet Lumina - Radio was complete junk. All of the Speakers blew out at one point or another, and I don't listen to loud music. Power windows died repeatedly, automatic transmission had several issues getting stuck in 1st gear at one point. Door handle would break any time freezing rain got onto the vehicle. I sold it at 237,000 miles for $100.

1999 Toyota Rav 4 - The only vehicle I've ever had where the -STEERING- column actually malfunctioned. I didn't even know it was possible beforehand. I had the garage repair that, and then it blew a spark plug as I was driving by the local Ford dealer, and I sold it on the spot.

2003 Ford Ranger with 4.0 L V-6 - I only had this for a few years, but it was very reliable. Never gave any trouble that wasn't caused by something I did to it.

2011 Ford F-150 with 3.5 L Ecoboost - Never given any trouble not covered by a TSB. First model year so I expected a few problems, Ford was wonderful and fixed every minor issue it had. Vehicle would still work fine even had Ford not repaired anything, they were just bringing it up to date.

So the Fords have simply been the most reliable of any vehicle - including the Toyota.

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Hey guys,

My fiesta is my first car so I can't go down the history like you guys. However, when I went looking for a car (like the excited 18 year old I was) I had to be looking in the smaller engine ranges so naturally I looked at all sorts.

After sitting in corsas, fiestas, clios and a peugeot (not sure why I bothered with that but it was there) I felt most at home in the fiesta, the handling's great and it's not a slow car by any imagination. It looks great and the interior (despite parkers saying it is dull) I think is awesome, Especially now I have a touchscreen fitted in there.

So that's my account on why I bought a Ford, would I advise them to people buying a first car? I just have the other day.

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Although I've only ever owned one car (my Focus) I have driven a few others. I learnt in a Hyundai i20, then got insured on my mum's Rover 25 and later a Vauxhall Corsa.

Simply put, out of all of these, the Focus is the only car that can instantly put a smile on my face! None of the other cars handled like it and none of them, not even the hyundai that was five years newer, had as much tech.

I considered other cars of this sort of size when I looked at buying. Citroen C4, Astra, Peugeot 307 etc, but in the end the Focus won hands down. Drives far better, just as cheap if not cheaper to run, but filled with tech.

As for my next car, I will probably be looking at Fords again. I'm incredibly impressed with the driver's assistance pack in the new focus. I'm yet to find another car in the price range with all of this tech.

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I'm on my second focus now, had a Mk1 Ghia and moved on to my Mk2 sport now.

First car was a Volvo which was passed down from my mother, pig to drive with non powered steering but taught me a lot about real driving.

Moved on to a Honda civic and then had bikes for a few years as they were cheaper on long runs and good for beating traffic when heading home on weekend leave from the forces.

Moved back to cars when I joined the police and got my first focus in 2004.

Have driven many different cars for work (astra vans, transit connects, Volvo estates and BMW' 5 series and an X3 4x4 while on armed response duties which I crashed on a country lane due to mud, four different Mk's of focus while on patrol and then dog duties)

Currently awaiting an unmarked focus dog car if they ever get a seriously fragged gearbox and clutch sorted out on it.

I was hoping for an unmarked Mk3 ST estate fitted with dog carriers but not this year due to budget restrictions.

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My family have always had fords or vauxhalls but for some reason the Ford bug got me, I had one as my first and have not owned another brand car. I learned in a 1.6 escort ghia, got a Ka, then a focus, then a Ka, and since that second Ka i have collected two more and a fiesta!

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