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Powershift Revs Up And Down And Other Problems

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Several problems from PowerShift. (1) When driving at constant speed with constant pressure on throttle revs go up and down by 100/200 rpm every half second. I've uploaded a video at When revs drop engine gets louder. (2) Gear changes are rough - in drive and manual. (3) Cold start there is often a clunk coming from the engine as if it is in D even though it is in P. Sometimes there is a crashing of gears. No levers or peddles are touched. (4) Occasional tapping sound from gearbox every half second when stationery then speeds up when in motion. Occasionally accompanied by hot smell from under the car (not the engine). I've been to Ford dealer but car always behaves itself when at the dealer.

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got similar rev counter issues with my 2010 galaxy but none of the other gearbox symptoms. Did you get anything sorted?

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Sorry for delay in replying: been on vacation. The problem got worse. Car started to display 'Transmission Limited Function' after which only gears 1+3+5 would work or just 2+4+6. Switch off and on again and all gears worked though initial problems continued. Eventually had to have clutches replaced by Ford dealer. Cost £1200. That fixed problem (1) in original post and initially problems (2) + (3), but (2) + (3) came back. Then one day 'Transmission Limited Function' warning appeared and display said car was in gear 7!!! Car went back to dealer. It took the dealer two weeks to find out what was wrong. It turned out that when the clutch was replaced the speed sensor should have been replaced as well. It then took dealer a few weeks to get the part and fit. Dealer did this free of charge and gave me a free major service. This fixed (2) and (3). Issue (4) continued infrequently until I eventually worked out it was the cooling fan! I have no idea why the issue (4) tapping sound speeds up when the car speeds up because I would have thought the cooling fan would spin constantly, but it only occurs when the fan is on.

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With regards the limited transmission, I have the same problem and the garage are saying communication problem with ecu so as it starts normally and drives normally appears to be cold related how could it be the clutch as if it was clutch car would be continuous with the problem 

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