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Wet belt on Ford Focus Estate


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Hopefully someone can give me some advice on the below problem with my Ford Focus Estate 08 plate.

Mr car broke down at the weekend. There was a slight clicking noise and then the engine died. It is now at the garage and they have said it is my wet belt that has snapped. At first they thought it was my starter motor but when I explained how it broke down, he was certain it was the cam belt. I got my top cam belt changed 3 years when I first brought the car and I have done 17k miles since. I did not know at this time that there was a 2nd belt. The mechanic at the time did not advise this either. The mechanic (who has the car now) explained that during 08 & 10, Ford decided to add 2 cam belts. He said that many mechanics failed to realise about the bottom belt. The mechanic said that he can fix it (big job - £800 ish) but that there are no certainties that the engine is damaged. However, I have read a few forums over the weekend and people have said that the belt doesn't snap, just the teeth wear down. If this is the case, does this mean the belt wouldn't have caused damaged?

I am now uncertain what to do, as I don't want to spend all this money and then find out the engine is damaged. However, the car is in good condition and I know the full service history. I cannot afford a new car but could stretch to £800 to repair this.

Hopefully someone can advise.

Many thanks in advance.

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