Engine cutting out when slowing and clutch pressed

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I have a 95 Ford Escort 16V 'Atlanta'.. and am having an issue where it stalls even when the clutch is fully depressed. (edit- just looked around, and it's possibly not stalling.. but rather cutting out.. there's no jerkiness or noise like when it stalls..)
In the last month, it has happened twice.. 
I'll try to describe exactly how it happened, although I may be misremembering slightly..
What I can remember is: Approaching a tight corner... I was approaching slowly in 2nd.. and then depressed the clutch to go into first and come to a stop if needed.. I think I put it into 1st at this point.. and then had a look each way down the street and then at this point it cut out.. my foot was completely depressed on the clutch, which made me think of another time it cut out when I hadn't stalled it.

The other time, I don't remember so clearly.. I again was approaching a junction.. What I remember was slowly approaching the junction foot on the clutch.. I entered the junction to go left.. it was on a steep decline, and I hadn't realised the car had cut out. Only realising when I couldn't turn the steering wheel.. 

Both times it seemed like the car suddenly cut out, rather than the jerky action it does when stalling.

Any help greatly appreciated.. and if you need anymore details let me know!

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