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No Brake pressure

Graham Duncan

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I have a 2007 Ford Mondeo 1.8 Edge - petrol engine with only 50,000 miles. It has been off the road for a couple of years so that for new MOT it required brakes, calibres,road springs etc.

After this work at the local garage brakes would not bleed although were working correctly before.  New (expensive) master cylinder fitted - brakes will still not bleed and pedal goes to the floor.

Garage now says ECU is the problem but, as above all was working before.  New ECU is very expensive.

Could it simply be a disturbed ABS sensor when work was carried out?

Any ideas out there.

Many thanks. Graham

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The ABS sensors won't affect a solid pedal.

When you say the brakes were working before, do you mean before the garage touched it, or before it was left unused?

Sounds like the ABS module will need to be bled using diagnostics.  It is possible that the module/ECU has been damaged by damp and corrosion while the car has been off the road though.  If this is the case, a used but tested part will cheaper than a brand new one.  Do you have the car yourself or is it still at the garage?

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Thanks for your response.

Brakes were working before being taken to garage two weeks ago. I drove it there !

Garage is small local business in the Highlands - don't think they have diagnostic equipment of that calibre. No warning lights showing on the dash. New master cylinder has now been fitted - still no pedal.

Car is still at the garage awaiting second hand ABS pump to arrive

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There is a 'cheat' to bleeding the ABS pump, although I would hope they'd have the correct diagnostics, even at a small remote garage.  Find a large loose surface car park, get up a bit of speed and hit the brakes to activate the ABS, obviously in a safe and controlled manner.  I would doubt it's a pump issue if it drove to the garage fine, if they can't bleed this pump, they won't be able to bleed the new one.

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Thanks for that.  All the'bits' are off the car at the moment waiting for new (second hand ) pump. Note your comments - my thoughts too.  Brakes were working fine but now no peddle - becoming very expensive.

If no result and any pedal pressure I shall try to follow your advice.  many thanks. Graham

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