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How to stop Fiesta Titanium buzz completely?


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I recently bought a second hand Fiesta Titanium and I would really like to find a way for it to be completely silent after I switch the engine off. The buzz it makes isn’t loud, but it bothers me and would definitely affect my enjoyment of sitting in the car to, say, enjoy a view, catch up with emails or chat with a friend. If you have any ideas that might help I would be really grateful.

The garage that I bought it from fitted a rubber part for the climate control from Ford that some have found helpful with this issue, but it didn’t make any difference for me. They also thought that it would be silent if I switched the climate control off before switching the car off, but that doesn’t seem to help either.

The noise still always continues for about 5 minutes after I switch the car off. If I leave a window open (something I’m sure to need to do in summer) it seems that it never stops buzzing.

I’m pretty sure the problem IS with the climate control, because it was worse in the period between them first looking at that and fitting the rubber part.

I told the people at the garage about an old post from ‘Mariner’ here about a software update that stopped the climate control fan running after the engine was switched off, as well as posts elsewhere about cleaning, oiling and recalibrating the climate control and cable-tying the sensor to the wires of the climate control. But the people at the garage said that they had put everything they could in to trying to sort this out, including spending a lot of time on the phone to Ford, and that there was nothing more they could do.

I really don’t want to have to live with this, so I’m wondering whether you have any further information or ideas that might help lead them to a solution that means I can sit in the car in peace.

I would be really grateful for your help.

Thank you.


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I just posted this on another forum topic where I got some help on this from forum member lollapalooza:


I just wanted to let you and anyone else who comes here with this problem know that it's now sorted. I got the update done and there's now no buzz with the power off.

I contacted one local Ford dealership who said that they could plug the car in to their diagnostics, which might show an issue they could resolve. The cost for that would have been their minimum charge of £115.

So I contacted a different local Ford dealership who said that they knew the problem and that it would cost £65 for the update. Which sounded a lot better.

But because I had recently bought the car from a different garage, my preference was for them to resolve the issue. So I rang them and told them what I had found out. And they agreed to get the update done for me. I don't know whether they were able to do the update themselves or whether they had to do it via a Ford dealership.

Anyway, I'm now happy! The buzz is still there if I have the power on when the ignition is off, such as to sit in the car listening to music. But that I can live with. It is not at all noticeable over the sound of the music. And when the power is off, whether the windows are open or not, it is completely silent. Which is great.

Thank you for your help.


ps I'm guessing that having this done as one element of a service at a Ford dealership would mean that the cost would be negligible, or at least much less that I was being quoted.

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