2005 mondeo airbag light flashing 2-2 dtc code b2295

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Hello Everyone,


Just bought a used 2005 Ford Mondeo 1.8 petrol MK3 model and found there is a airbag issue. Diagnosis tool gave me DTC code B2295 and the light flashes 2 time the pause then again 2 times and then long pause. It shows this sequence for some time and the light stays on while driving. Has anyone fixed this problem on similar model? I am planning to clean seat connectors and disconnect and reconnect driving wheel airbag. But not sure if that will be of any help as from the search I have done it looks like it is a problem with airbag in driving seat. 


Can someone please help me to find and fix this ? Need to fix it urgently before my MOT next month. 



Any help is much appreciated! 

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