Fiesta mk6 (2004) 5dr vs mk6.5 5dr trim compatibility query

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So the rear drivers side door trim (rub strip,slam strip, etc) has a piece snapped off. Looking to get a replacement just cus looks tacky at the mo. Found a couple of options. Either silly prices £70+ or absolute bargains £12. My question is, and may sound stupid, but a trim from the same door on a 5 door mk6.5 facelift will fit the mk6 pre-facelift. Am I correct?

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The mk6.5 door strips will fit onto a pre facelift, although they are much wider so will look silly unless you replace the front ones at the same time, when I had my old mk6 I replaced my ones with the mk6.5 colour coded ones, which in my opinion looked much better than the standard narrow textured plastic ones.

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