Hardwiring Galaxy S10 for Satnav use

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Good morning,

Thanks for letting me join.

Has anyone used a hard wire kit to extend the power lead for their phone, so that it can be used as a Satnav?

Any help appreciated.





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You need a:

mini blade piggy back fuse adapter 

10Amp mini blade fuse 

12v USB power adapter (preferably a Q3.0) 

15Amp cable 

2 x Insulated spade crimp terminals (may come with usb socket)

8mm Crimp ring terminal for the earth feed to attach to a bolt somewhere.

USB cable of choice.

Then you just need to find a fuse which becomes live when the engine is operating.

Overall if you can purchase a dash cam hard wiring kit then your 95% of the way there.


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6 minutes ago, ICMS304 said:

Many thanks Lenny

No problem,

Might give an idea for fitting to say; I've fitted a double USB socket inside the rear side of my glovebox, wired to an ignition live; one USB socket powers the dashcam system which is also hidden in the glovebox and the other USB socket has a cable connected for the TomTom Satnav, I just take it out through the glovebox door when required. 

Guide here if interested to view it's on a mk2.5 focus;


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