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Mondeo Clutch Repacement


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Hi all am new here but thought I would share a recent experience with you all and hopefuly get some opinions.

I recently purchased my 2000 X reg 1.8 lx Mondeo via eBay. car looked good and was,nt a million miles away so put last second bid on it and won. drove it dack to find clutch slipping ha ha . Priced the job up at the locals but decided to get clutch kit my self and save a few quid. Got a local garage to fit it( they are attached to Smithsons in Normacott) Anyway left them the kit includung Concentric slave cylinder in a box on back seat and went about my day. On return I paid the man and went to get me car. The box was still on the back seat and in it was the Cylinder. I took it to the so called mechanic who said oh, we did'nt see that and, it wont matter as they never fail anyway and if it does we will fit you a new 1. I have worked on cars and trucks all my life and have nevere fitted a clutch to anything unless it has been complete. I feel I am heading for problems at great expence? Am I right? Rob

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If he has promised to fit a new one if it goes, ask for it in writing... Out of curiosity where did you get your clutch kit from and how much?

Thanks in advance


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02The Globetrekker Phoenix Escort programmes arent Phoenix Escorts bad and can Phoenix Asian Escort be picked up on eBay for Phoenix Asian Escorts a tenner. I particularly liked the London one. Rough Guide on Channel 5 are better then I thought but not a patch on the old Rough Guide by the BBC.

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