2016 S max rear indicator issue

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hi all new to forum

Need some help on our rear drivers side indicator.we have a 2016 S max titanium sport. The car has only done 9,000 miles and at the weekend suddenly the dash showed a fast indicating indicator. I can see the rear indicator is not working. It has led indicators, so called ford to try and order a replacement bulb......oh no of course they dont do bulbs for these! have to replace the whole light unit £360!

is there anything i can do to test this before parting with a small fortune for a bulb unit!

Does anyone know the fuse loaction for this? i have looked at the fusebox layout but doesnt say which one. Can i do an electrical test on the wire to the bulb to check if its an issue in line?


Thanks all help appreciated!



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i think this may just be a fuse or BCM? issue....as the whole unit is not working, but i have no clue whatsoever which fuse to check, as the owners manual doesnt tell you which fuse is for this. Anyone help?

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Anyone??..... i  just bought a second hand replacement full light unit (LED) for the car as the garage said it was faulty (And not covered by warranty!!) plugged it in and still doesnt work. So says to me its either A) a fuse or B) wiring....which the garage told me was working fine..... i dont think so!


The fuse layout is impossible to decipher as nothing specifically says which fuse is for the rear lighting cluster....not impressed Ford!


Can anyone help please!! even if just direction to the correct fuse to check!

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