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Fiesta Mark 6 Eac Failure


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Hi All I have 2003 1.4 TDCI Fiesta. Whilst doing about 60mph the car started crawling with 'EAC FAILURE' flashing.

Does anyone have any idear what this could be?

Any help appriciated!

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My same 03 did this, but only after a quick restart or stalling it, and it only accelerates through the gears, you have to change gear to get up as it will stick at the top speed for the gear!

I never knew why though, but never in the middle of driving!

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eac fault is the 'electronic acelerator control' . Your acelerator pedal needs changing and then software updating. sounds more expensive than it probaly is. Having said that it will cost more than a cable used to in the old days. Modern technology youve got to love it.

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