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The Forever "Right Tug" - Any Advice?

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Hey Gents,

Have an odd issue that no one till this day has managed to figure out including three mechanics and two recommended alignment centres, so I was wondering if any advice can be chimed in here.

I have a forever right pull when driving. The car simply loves to sit to the right no mater how much money I through at the problem to try and solve it. The wheel itself is pretty much dead straight however If I let go of the wheel at say 40mph, you will find yourself in the next lane in around 6-7 seconds, you have to 'slouch' left on the steering wheel at all times. Oddly enough, its barley noticeable at lower speeds, but its there. The tyre pressures are constantly checked and they remain correct.

The following has already been changed in the last 3 months:

1) Wishbones

2) Ball-joints

3) Droplinks

4) Outer Tie Rod End

5) Driveshafts

6) CV Joints

7) Brand New Front Tyres (Continental)

😎 Brand New Brembo Discs & Pads

So pretty much everything steering related. I've even done the engine and gearbox mounts, although for other reasons.

Everytime I have had something changed, I have taken it to the alignment centre. I have spent now £350 on alignments alone at two separate very well recommended centres. It almost feels fixed for the first few minutes but then, bam, there it is again. The forever right 'tug' lol, I mean after all of this money being spent, I would love some kind of a result but nada.

Any ideas? Cheers 👍

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When they did the alignment checks, did they include the rear wheel alignment as well? Anything looking worn at the rear?

Just a thought!

I am sure someone with more experience of this sort of thing will be along shortly.


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Just wondering, the alloys are 100% flush when popping them back on and doing the lug nuts back up? I’m just scraping at ideas.... that would well and truely do my tree in! I hope someone can figure it out for you!

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Whilst tinkering with the vehicle with a friend on an unrelated matter (trying to find an odd leak) he made an observation that the right side ball joint's nut looked a little too high up. So he undid the ball-joint, popped it off, slid it back on and tightened the nut down good and proper... I completely forgot we had done this a few days prior until I hit the motorway today and realised... MY CAR NO LONGER PULLS RIGHT!

I had a grin from cheek to cheek! How such a little thing could bring so much happiness to my little world is unbelievable! This is especially satisfying to me due to the fact that I buried so much money into the car trying to solve the problem, eventually GIVING UP as the car was simply not worth it sadly! The ball joint was brand new, along with the wishbones and everything else under the sun was changed! Clearly the mechanic failed to do up the ball joint correctly, giving me the false idea that the problem still persisted, but elsewhere!

Another thing I observed is the uneven tyre wear on the left tyre. It had completely burned out from the outside-in. I had to replace it as it was now an M.O.T failure, however, the right side still had 4-5mm thread. Both tyres were purchased brand new and fitted, balanced, and aligned at the same time. Would a slightly loose right side ball joint cause the left side tyre to wear unevenly? I found it a bit strange to be honest.

anywho... HAPPY DAYS!  :smile:

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