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Mk2.5 stereo problems

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Hi guys, just bought a 1.6 tdci estate (2009) for the mrs and it’s got a couple of niggly issues.

ive tried setting the time on it using the stalk, but the date will only go up to 2014 then goes back to 2009??

the stereo doesn’t work, it’s the sat nav type (luckily I got the sad card with the car!)

any ideas?

cheers, Dan 🙂

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ha, try a firmware update....

if it pulls time from satellites like some cars do, its probably not going to be a simple fix - look up April 2019 WNRO  (a 19 year cycle where old satellites built with nasty date software trip over to a new cycle and your car can't interpret the year info that's being sent now....  If this, it can be fixed by slipping in some code to the operating system explaining how the world changed (many GPS systems failed on this).



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This is a fairly common thing on the mk2 Focus. You have to set the date as late as it goes (31st December 2014 at 23:59 in your case) then let it tick over to 1st January 2015 and you should be able to set the date properly then.

I don't even know how the home user is supposed to do software updates on the mk2 focus. It's not like the newer cars where you can plug a USB stick in and its connected to the ECU.

As for your stereo not working, it's probably a failed head unit but suppose it's worth checking the fuse and connectors before shelling out for a new one.

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