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Ford Focus mk3 EcoBoost Engine Warning Light & OBD P006A & P0039 codes

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Hi all, I wondered if anyone could help me or has experienced anything similar.

I bought a second-hand Ford Focus MK3 (2012) EcoBoost last year with 50k miles on the clock. I have since driven around 5000 miles in it.

Recently the engine management light has been coming on after a period of driving (varying between a few minutes to over an hour). Alongside this the following codes are being reported concurrently:

P006A MAP - Mass or Volume Air Flow Correlation Bank 1

P0039 Turbo Charger Bypass Valve Control Circuit Range Performance

I have noticed the very occasional drop in performance e.g. slow pickup in second gear but this seems to correct itself almost instantly, e.g. the next time you accelerate. Other than that, the car picks up speed very nicely as it always has done.

I have taken it to a Ford garage and they have charged £70 for a diagnosis. They tested it and said the performance seemed fine and the engine management light not come on for them. They cleared the OBD codes and said if they returned I would need a new turbo. They didn't have the price of one to hand but it sounds expensive. Unfortunately the EML still comes on after a varying period of driving. And both codes return in tandem.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Or have any suggestions on what I should do going forward. How much is a replacement turbo likely to cost? Or could it just be a sensor issue?

Many thanks for any help!


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