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Col’s Mk4 Focus ST

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Next up was the mod that made the most difference, the mountune m330 remap. What a change in character. As standard it’s by no means slow but after the remap it pulls much more strongly in all gears with only the slightest increase in torque steer.



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Then came the exhaust. The mountune GPF-back system with carbon fibre effect tips. After bedding in it gave a nice increase in sound with no drone at motorway cruising speeds. The pops & bangs in Sport/Track mod are more pronounced too 😎








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The mountune billet short-shift arm was fitted next. It was very easy to install as there’s plenty room to work in once the airbox is removed. It’s another small mod that made a big difference. The change feels much better with a nice short throw between the gears.





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Then came the mountune m365 remap along with the Downpipe/Sports Cat and Sport GPF. Insanely quick in-gear acceleration and still no drone at cruising speeds. Overrun pops & bangs even more pronounced 😎



It was however an absolute nightmare to fit. My local Ford workshop did not do a good job. The nuts/studs at the turbo did not want to be undone. It was returned to me with an exhaust leak at the turbo. It turned out two of the three nuts were not fully tight. I decided to take it to a mate who has his own garage and finally got it fitted properly. One stud had to have it’s thread chased and the other two replaced with bolts after the nuts locked up and pulled the studs out with them. I fitted a new gasket too, just to be on the safe side.







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2 hours ago, Acid House 1988 said:

How are you finding the EBC brakes? Have been looking at these with a view to replacing the front discs and pads on my vehicle.

They’re really very good. Plenty initial bite and great feel, hardly any extra noise from the grooves and I haven’t managed to get them to fade yet.

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1 minute ago, unofix said:

Looking very good Colin. I don't know how you manage to keep it clean at this time of year.

Lol, me neither. I always take a photo or two after a wash to remind me how it can look. Usually it looks like this nowadays 


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