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Intermittent starting problem

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Hi, I've bought a 64 plate ford Mondeo eco 1.6 diesel, I've not quite had it twelve months yet, was fine for as couple of months then I was having a starting issue. When ever I have been on a drive and the car is up to temperature, Once i stopped the car maybe at a garage then come back to it wouldn't start. it eventually does but initially nothing.

I have to turn the key and press the clutch to start. all the lights and dash would come on but nothing no clicks the engine won't turn over nothing. 

This seems to be the running theme, whenever I have been driving and maybe stopped stayed in the car when the engines of then tried to start it again or I've been away from the car for a few minutes come back to it it has failed to start, This is happening more often, first thoughts was an immobiliser problem, this could still be the case. after a few times of having diagnostics nothing has come up. I have had new battery, starter motor and relay and nothing is solving the problem. one RAC man who had to come out to the car said it could be as simple as clutch switch, others have said no it won't be, I'm really stuck and know one including ford seem to know what the problem is, It's costing alot of money with no results.

Can anyone help, or come across this before 

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Well, look, a clutch switch wont cost as much as a starter motor or battery,  why not change it so at least you've eliminated that possibility.  If you think it's the immobiliser, then does the immob. light stop flashing when you put the key in the ignition, if it is still flashing, then that will prevent the car from starting 'cos it means the immob chip in the key hasn't been read. 


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16 hours ago, Papamack said:

Try replacing the ignition switch.😉

You are talking to deaf ears !!

The OP made only one post 18th March 2022 and has so far has never been back. I would also assume (but don't know) that after 3 months they have either fixed the problem or got rid of the car.

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