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Mk3 fuse probleme : watch/roof light/pump


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My 20A fuse systematicaly burns . I need to your help to find the fautlty device.

see the fusebox on picture, it is the 2nd one on the left side. I’ve found that it is the same for the clock, the pump for water cleaning the windscreen, and the interior/trunk opening lights.

I’ve already disconnected the the pump, the light, and the instruments panel with the clock. The 20Amp fuse still burn… 

I need a working windscreen cleaning system for the french MOT.

is that a common problem ? Where should I search first for à grounded wire ?

thanks merci !



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I think I’ve find the short by reading other topics.

The cigar lighter ! 

the dash is totally disambled and Im out of fuses right now, but my multimeter says there is a continuity between the 2 « legs » without the lighter in it.

sorry for my english

i ll post the result in few days. Thanks

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I’ve repaired the cigar lighter, all is working now. 

The knob was lightly stuck in the socket, so certainly the heat caused the plastic ring between the + and - pins to melt . It’s a permanent +12V so after disconnected the battery I’ve used the Dremel to shorten the metal parts that gets in contact, so there is no short circuit anymore in the socket.

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