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A Wheel Bearing Or Not A Wheel Bearing......

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Hi all

My Wife has recently bought a 2006 C-MAX 1.9Tdi.

All well and good however over the last few days I've noticed that there is a wheel bearing type noise coming from the front of the car. Now I thought that wheel bearing noises are usually constant and get slightly worse/better depending on if you are turning or not. Well, when we are driving in a striaght line there is nothing, then the moment you put even the slightest left hand down there is a whining noise, which is quite loud. I have tried coasting and the noise is still there. When you straighen up again, the noise goes.

It doesn't appear to get louder with speed and it can be heard at 30mph. When turning right everything is fine.

Car has 65k on the clock.

Any ideas anyone?



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yes it possibley is the front wheel bearing, as you get a whining noise when you turn, this is because they can lean slightly when worn, jack up the car and check for play do this no both sides, and see also see if there is any noise coming from it, you may need to move the brake pads back so that there is no rubbing noise. this is about all that you can do, or you can take it to a garage for checking.

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Another possibility is that it is one of the diaphrams in the power steering mechanism 'fluttering' due to not being fully open when only a slight ammount of steering effort is applied. I suffer from this on my C max, usually overcome it by putting wheel hard over each way a few times when next convenient (i.e.when stopped at traffic lights etc)

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