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Mk 7 (I Think!) 1.6 Zetecs Petrol - Noob Queries


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Hi, new member now I'm the proud owner of a new shape 58 plate 1.6 Zetec S with the streetpack! I am taking this for a service soon & have a couple of q's about the car I'd really appreciate your help on please? The car was bought from a dealer but has 12 months of the Ford "warranty" left apparently:

Power steering - it "feels" as though it's a bit rough at the extreme of a left or right turn at parking speeds, is this normal? It seems to be smooth all the way to the very end then feels a bit "bubbly" (stupid I know but that's the only way I can think of describing it). :blink: .

Boot Open - even after a reasonable "thunk" with the boot, this warning crops up on the "radio" display intermittantly. Easy fix or something else?

Rattle in the passnger door but this appears to be a common thing (after looking around vaious forums) so I'll sort this out myself.

The drivers side sideskirt, there seems to be a gap of about 5 to 10 MM between the body & the black end "finishing" cap, it's tight up against the arch on the other side, easy to sort or...?

Engine ECU & radio - I understand a software update is available for both, any way of checking if this has been done.

Sorry for the list but I'm new to all this & loving the car so far, just want to ensure this pleasure lasts as long as possible :-)

Thanks very much for any help & assistance, it will be appreciated.

Cheers, Flyer...

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Hi, probably bad form to reply to my own post, maybe I came on a bit strong asking for help on everything under the Sun in my first post.

If someone could maybe just get back to me about the extreme left & right turn "feel" at low / parking speeds & if there's any way to tell if the ECU for the engine's been updated (I feel I'm gtting low mpg), that would be appreciated. Thanks again...

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