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Lexus Style Rear Lights For The St

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Forgive my lack of knowledge as i'm a relatively new Focus owner and also mechanically inept lol.

I have an ST (2010) and bought some rear lights.....


they appear identical in shape and size to the ones i'm replacing, but the wiring looms differ. when ordering i did state that i have a 2010 model, so is there something i'm missing here?

What series mk are we upto on this model? maybe mines a mk3 and the lights are for a mk2??

any help would be very much appreciated here guys


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Shape wise they'l fit on as for connecting them up i have NO idea ford are sods for changing things between facelifts such as connectors even down to swapping round the wire colour codes for the looms i thought the new st's had lexus style led lights on though anyway?

Personally with it being such a new car if it involved cipping into looms and changing connectors over id ask my self is it worth it with urs being an st3 also it should have everything on anyway.

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Thanks for that. Yes the Loom and colour codes must have changed, what a pain. I only got them because they're black and suit the car much better. Any idea what Mark we're upto on the ST? I've looked on the internet and they are saying that next years New ST is the Mk 3, so i presumed mine is a Mk2 and that's what the Lights i bought advertised as fitting?

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Theres the mk2 and the mk2.5 yours is a 2.5 just a facelifted mk2 basically think yours kicked in about 2008

Mk1 1998 - 2001

Mk1.5 (mine) 2001 - 2005

mk2 2004 - 2007/8

mk2.5 (yours) 2007/8 - 2011 if they bring out the mk3 on time

As for the advert saying they fit they just dont they fit the hole but i really have no idea about connecting them up sorry mate

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