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Hello there.

My 54 plate Ford Mondeo 1998cc TDCI Auto which has just done 100 000 miles cut out as I was driving along. It refused to restart. There was no problem before this and there were no warning lights prior to the breakdown. The AA man had to phone Tech Help. He says it is likely to be the fuel pump as there is only 19 bar of pressure (he says it should be 200 bar?). I am wondering

(1) Has anybody else experienced the same problem with a faulty/broken fuel pump?

(2) Could it be a sensor that is not happy and protecting the engine?

(3) What else could it be?


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Check with Fords or Haynes manual for the required pressure 19 bar is 275 psi, 200 bar is 2,900 psi so I suspect a typo and it should say 20 bar

It would likely be the fuel pressure regulator or the ECU controlling it, I would look at the software solution first.

Perhaps start with removing the battery leads for a few mins to reset the ECU then go on a run so the ECU can relearn. Get the fault codes read there is a lot of info available. I found on here a way to interrogate the dash, this can give some usefull info.

Replace the fuel filter to see if it is restricting the flow

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You're right about the 200 bar, your engine is a direct-injection diesel and they need incredibly high pressures to operate properly (enough to cut you in half!). Since the fuel pressure is so low (on a par with a petrol engine) there's not enough force to open the injectors, therefore it cuts out. I don't think it's the fuel filter, as the problem would build up over time, and you'd get less and less power before it finally cut out. More likely the diesel pump (on the right side of the front of the engine, driven by the cam timing chain) or the fuel pressure regulator. As someone else said, check the fault codes in the ECU and see what comes up. Hope this helps!

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