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Mondeo Tdci Issues


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Just bought a 54 Mondeo Ghia estate and within 2 days the dual mass failed so just had that done owch lol ,

But now under heavy excelleration the heater plug light flashes and it cuts out and we come to a stop it always starts again but not easily, after doing this a couple of times the engine management light comes on, ive had it plugged in and i get Cam sensor and a PO251 code

Any help would be great on the PO251

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P0251 fault code covers a multitude of faults, fuel metering valve fault, high-pressure pump,a leaking-off injector, fuel filter blocked or air ingress into the feed.

I assume theres no way of finding which it is without going through them 1 at a time ? ive changed the cam and crank sensor and had it plugged in again and still get PO251 Injection Pump A Circuit Malfunction

Ive alook around the engine and there looks like diesel sitting around the bore of injector 2 , theres not alot but would that cause this fault? its not leaking from the run off but asif the copper seal isnt sealing anymore. its done 129000 and the engine seams abit sooty like your old coal fire chimney is it ment to be like that

Any help would be kindly received

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P0251 is a precursor to other codes eventually it will throw up a more specific code,basically the fuel rail is losing pressure so any leaks or air ingress will not help and could throw the code,as for the soot you may have a leak on the exhaust side of the engine or egr valve somewhere.

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