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Craig Percival

Wot Is The Best Ford Apart From The Mustang

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id deffo have to say between 3 the mondeo and the focus and the mighty escort

all three are good value for money cheepish to run and look amazing let me no wot u think

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1950 E493A Prefect !

In the nasty winter of '76 ( I think) all I had to do was give it 3 slow cranks and one hard one on the handle and away it went.

It might have started on the button but I was showing off. :D

Leaving most of the modern cars wheezing away in the car park at work.

Never let me down.

The engine could be changed by one man with a rope and broom handle.

In return for servicing a m8's car in the army, he replaced the wooden floor.

He was a carpenter and did a marvelous job.

Mind you, the faster you went in the rain, the slower the wipers went. lol

And as it had no gob! was it cold?

And the semaphore indicators were a laugh, when I had to bang on the pillar to "help" them out.

Mind you, my '74 T'bird was a lovely car too but for different reasons.

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