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Hello From Sunny Surrey


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I kinda skipped on the introduction and went straight to the audio section to find out about my car stereo!

So back to the start to be all formal and such!

I'm Duncan, 27, from Surrey.

I've been driving since I was almost 18 and have progressed from a peugeot 106 1.5D, to a Honda Civic Type R, and now to a Ford Focus 1.8 petrol with some nice bits on it.

I loved my Civic, I owned it from the age of 21. I went to uni and dropped out pretty soon after getting there, almost knowing as soon as I had arrived, that uni wasn't for me. Or should i say any more academia.

So, like a true student, instead of going out and earning some money for a house or whatnot, I bought myself the Civic Type R. I onwed it from 2005-2012 (accident free) and loved it for almost all of that time. More recently I felt like it drew too much of the wrong kind of attention (traffic light GP, Police etc). So after my finances were stable I decided on the focus. Now I have the focus I adore just cruising along in a quiet cabin that doesnt hate potholes and deep puddles. I modified my civic so it was stiffer and lower, and the air intake for the air filter ran under the engine!

It's a 1.8 petrol zetec with 17' alloys, bluetooth, tinted glass at the rear, 37k on the clock, 1 previous owner and I paid 6k for it. Considering I got the top end of my part exchange estimate I think i got a decent deal.

My one niggle at the moment is a squeaky belt under the bonnet when the car starts up from cold, this disappears after 5 mins of driving but i know nothing of ford engines so i daren't try to fix it myself. I think it might be a fan belt but a mechanic i know will have a look at it tomorrow. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things like that!

Sounds a bit pathetic given I used to pull apart my civic for fun after I had learned enough about it to be confident with that kind of thing.

Some pictures of the civic:





One of the focus:


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Nice little story, i think you got a the focus for a decent price. I love the focus just on how comfortable it drives and easy it feels.

Welcome here mate

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Welcome to the forum mate,

any plans to do anything to the focus?

I have seen your links as per your signature, very tempting to do some of those! For the time being I think it will be little things here and there. I read through your misting washer jets topic with great interest, went and had a look under my hood and it appears I dont have a heat shield protective cover under my bonnet so thats something i'll have to look into. Thought the bonnet felt a bit warm after getting it home from a drive :unsure: one of those things i missed when i bought it.

Also need to get a light in my boot as i have none at the moment, some door sills, perhaps paint my calipers black as i can see they are a little discoloured behind the alloys. As for performance mods, I think i've been there and done that with the civic and it was a complete ballache when it came to selling-up time to return it to standard with rusted bolts and such. So I think i'll leave the body suspension and engine as standard, i'm very happy with it as it is (But knowing me, never say never!).

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