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I have a 1996 P reg Ford Fiesta LX 1.3 3dr Hatchback which has done 44,000 miles it was gave to me by my partners family after their Nan passed away last year and she had the car from brand new (full service history) so it has been well looked after, but when i'm driving along and either break to slow down or put the car in neutral (to coast) my engine completely cuts out and my oil and battery light come on, (sometimes if i start to break the car will shudder and the battery light will flicker but if i put my foot on the accelerator then it will go away and carry on like normal) but if it does cut out and i put it into any gear above 1 whilst still moving the engine starts up again and i can carry on driving.

When i put my key in the ignition and turn it the engine starts first time with no problems, even if it has just cut out and i need to start it again it does with no problems first and every time.

It doesn't cut out if my foots on the acceleration pedal only when i break to slow down or put it in neutral.

This happens in all weather conditions and even if I've been driving for 5 hours and the engine is warmed right up.

It has been happening for months and months now but im on my summer holiday from university and would like to try and get it fixed before i go back as i drive home every weekend and its an hour trip and am worried about safety.

I have been looking on the internet for all causes for this and have found out it could be a number of things like:

Coil Pack

Spark Plugs

Idle Control Valve

Tube between Manifold and Injector


Because i am a student i don't have the money to take it to a mechanic and pay for them to try and locate the problem and then have to pay for all the work to be done afterwards, so if anyone has an certain idea to what the problem is could you please let me know so i can tell the mechanic and save some money.

I apologise if anything i have mentioned is spelt incorrectly but as i am a girl i know nothing about cars what so ever.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated so i can sort it out once and for all.


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If it was the coil, plugs or alternator I'd expect the car to run rough or not start at all, same with hoses etc.

I think checking/changing the icv may be a good idea, not expensive and very likely the problem.

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Ok that you both ill try the IVC as soon as i can


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