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Hi people

now ive read through this forum over and over and all you seem to see is the same problem over and over again i think most people will know the ford 2.0 tdci has its faults but the one that ive got and many others is the car going into limp mode every time you boot the car.

now mine ive cleaned the egr valve and inlet new fuel and air filter and put 2 bottles of injector cleaner ive noticed its worse when been running for more then 20 mins and it only happens if you sharply try to speed up i.e over taking and so on you can get away with slowly putting the power on.

the car is also running rough at idle but sounds fine once above 1000rpm mpg is fine also the limp mode resets when you turn off and on the engine managment light also came on today.

please if anyone has any ideas of things i can check before looking at a new car please feel to help lol lots of other people with the same problem but no answers

thanks liam :)

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it could be a dodgy cam sensor, ford had a problem with the early black coloured sensors and they are known to fail, the newer sensors are grey so check which colour is in your car.

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Hi mate if the car is not starting, spray some carb cleaner down the pipe where the air filter goes to turbo, spray quite a bit and keep spraying while someone else turns the car over. it should start, if it does one or a few injectors are probably on there way out, get a leak back test done. don't think it would be pump these rarely fail. if sensors at fault car usually still runs but crap. also check turbo actuator for sticking aswell, this puts the car in limp mode too, dont know if yours is electric though?.

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also if your injectors have not got separate ecu for coding, you can use ob2 with fordmidable comes as kit of ebay for £18, ive used it to program my injectors a few times. but yours is 2003 so you're on the verge where they changed i think to ipc was done through ecu and was not separate ecu for injectors. someone may be able to shed more light on it.

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