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Flashing Coil Light

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Can anyone confirm that the flashing coil light on my 2.2tdci could be caused by the egr sensor? That's what my hunch is due to the fault code being stored as pending an wont clear. (P0409 IIRC)

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Well just to confirm the coil light is definitely caused by the egr sensor, have just unplugged it for now and driven well over 100 miles with no coil light but will just have to live with the EML light.

I guess the coil light is because of the readings from the MAF and MAP not being as expected

Exhaust gunk recyclers are the biggest waste of time, cause more issues than good. Next thing might be how to full the ecu into thinking its working.. Atleast I won't need to worry about cleaning the EGR valve or manifold again

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