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Confused Focus Owner..


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Hi all,

I wasn't quite sure where to post so hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction?

Recently the engine management light has lit up on my dashboard, along with the battery light, then periodically every other light too (ice warning, handbrake, abs) aswell as the message 'power steering malfunction'. At this time the steering becomes heavy and the fans start blowing. This lasts for a few seconds and then the lights go off and the steering back to normal.

Has anyone had this happen? Do I need to get the steering fluid checked or could it be an electrical fault?

My car is a Focus Titanium 2008.

Let me know what you think, or where to post this if this is the wrong place.



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It is highly unlikley that low power steering fluid caused these faults and it is as, suggested, liable to be elecrical, low/ wrong voltages can sometimes cause malfunctions, caused by a faulty battery or alternator

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