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Td 115 Glow Plug Melt Down Help!


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Hi guys

im new to the forum and was looking for some help please.

i have a 2008 focus td 115. the missus waspulling out the drive and immediatly smelt burning and smoke coming from the bonnet and fair play she stopped and turned the engine off.

i come home engine cover off fault code reader in, turned key to first click to check codes.

straight away smoking and burning! it was melting and smoking on the post to the right of the engine block where the red glow plug terminates.

any idea what could have caused it and how do i fix it? if i switch it on it will start smoking again!

any help gratefully recieved guys



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How impatient can you get, I only spotted it this earlier, and was looking into it the best I could. The people on here are a friendly bunch, and will do their best to help with the knowledge they have. Replys like that will not help with any future problems you may encounter !!!

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I read the first post but chose not to reply because I didn't know what the cause of the problem was, or the solution

Would you rather this thread had 50 replies, all saying "sorry cant' help"

What use would that be?

Although this forum is populated by excellent and friendly people, with a huge amount of knowledge and a massive urge to help, we don't know everything.

And we all have jobs, lives, families, other things to do. Especially on a Friday night. So going thermonuclear a mere 18 hours after the opening post is a bit unnecessary.

Maybe an answer will come, maybe it won't, but attitudes like this on an enthusiast forum don't help anyone.

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Tbh if you want a fast answer see Ford and pay loads for the honour.

If you want keen amateurs trying to help and save you money come to a forum.

Insulting people because you're an impatient !Removed! does not win friends or elicit help.

I'm pretty sure most of us here aren't mechanics, and pretty much all of us are hard working professionals who pay for stuff on our cars with hard earned cash.

As I said before f##k off and buy a Vauxhall you tool.

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its alright i fixed it myself you can all go back to glueing led lights and bling bling to your fucktard chav chariots! thanks for your help

'Fucktard charriots' lol. Made me chuckle. :D

I am quite new on this forum, and I think nearly every one of my new posts has been answered - with good, knowledgeable answers. I have saved myself considerable time, effort and money just by using this forum.

You need to be a little patient. Some times not everyone who views your thread will have any idea of what the answer was.

I would much rather get help from people on here then go and get ripped off at a garage.

I was reading on in anticipation you may have posted the answer, but once I saw the charriot comment, I assumed not. Clearly your issue was too important that you could wait for an answer, which is fair enough, but no need to post those sorts of remarks! I hope you got it fixed, and if you ever do need to fit some LED lights to your own fucktard charriot, there are lots of useful posts within this forum. ;)

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sorry if i insulted anyone i am impatient! i have fixed my own fucktard chariot successfully thankjs talks! the post which terminates the glow plug harness had worked lose which apparently is common. the resulting decreasing insulation increasing resistance generates more heat through increase in amperage causing bag of !Removed! car to burn out! new glow plug harness from fords parts dept today and some cable nd insulation repair and it works fine.

worth checking if yours is working loose takes seconds.

sorry again for taking the pisss out your led lights and chav mobiles.

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Hi all,

Sorry to bring an old thread up but the issue the OP was having is exactly the same issue as my car.

I'm wondering if anyone has any answers to this.

Few extra points - the car starts and drives perfectly fine until it gets to normal temperature, when the car is at normal temperature there is no power after 2000rpm, and when the accelerator is fully down the car stutters and coughs black smoke out.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction as wiring looms aren't covered by my warranty.

I'm not aware of any recalls notices regarding this but I would be grateful if someone could check please.

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Did you read post 9?

...and when you say your car exhibits exactly same fault as OP, smoking and burning! Yet you say it still drives fine until up to normal operating temperature. Are you sure you have posted in the right thread?

You could try unplugging the MAF/MAP(?) on the airt intake and see if this makes any difference.

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I didn't fully read post #9 but now I understand, thank you for the pointer.

The wiring is exactly the same as the photos but I couldn't see any smoking burning.

Will replace the loom and see if the fault reoccurs

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Have you not got any warning lights, when was the fuel filter and air filter last changed, you can take the air filter out and look at it, if it looks dirty change it. and have you plugged in a code reader to see if there are any faults stored. when its cold does it rev through the range without the symptoms you have when at temperature ?

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@dazj, I'm sorry but I must be thick, please explain how your fault is "exactly the same" as the original OP. If it is the word "smoke" then maybe you missed that the original OP smoke was coming from a glow plug connection and yours is from the exhaust!? Other than the word "smoke", and the "no fault lights" I fail to see how your issue has anything to do with this post.

I don't have any warning lights on my dash and occasionally if I boot it I might get a little smoke out the exhaust, I would say you have more in common with my car than the original OP. Or are you suggesting that maybe I should think about changing my loom as well? (Just kidding).

I think your best bet is to start a thread of your own, clearly stating the symptoms you actually have. You will probably get better answers.

PS: I wasn't joking about disconnecting the MAF/MAP (not sure which you have), and report back any difference it makes, but please start a new post.

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Just another thought, is your turbo OK? No strange whooshing noises or the anything else that at some point in the not to distant past has made you think "hmm, that's not the usual noise I get when I drive like this"

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