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Major Service For 2L Tdci 2004/53 118K Unserviced For 2Years?


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Hi I have just bought 2L TDCI 2004/53 with 118K miles. Unserviced for 2 years.

According to MOT History Request the mileage in March 2011 was 89K

I assume that I need a major service that includes the rear auxiliary belt change (due at 8years/100K) according to http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/serviceScheduleForm.do ?

Also, according to the schedule, the front belt will need doing at 125K/10 years. As I drive about 7K a year, and the car has been doing a lot of London miles previously, is that worth doing now?

Should I be looking for the cheapest major service that will also do these additional belts? or leave the front belt until later?

I'm tempted to stick it in Halfords and get the £250 service? but I guess these belts will be extra?

(I've been told there are some Halfords discount codes floating around ...)

Any suggestions where to go for a good value-for-money full blown service?

I'm on SE London/Kent border (Bromley)

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