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My Focus

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been asking for advice on mods since I came on here, and of the many I asked about iv actually done a couple!

So im just going to show where im at at the moment

first, out side - nothing to show except the little universal mudflaps


its actually pretty spotless here (appart from screen wash on bonnet!), its all just reflections

Next is the interior lights

With it being a sport model it had a basic single festoon light, so i swapped that for a one with map lights. currently has a small LED plate (which i needed to chop down the cable straight to the holder because of the small space)

and two white T10 led map lights


cant really see, but also got Richbrook gearknob and tax disc holder

Finally, fitted a second boot light - blue 48 led plates


excuse the mess!

More to add in a bit :)



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next up will be the vanity mirror lights. bought some off ebay and just need to wire them in. should be simple enough once i get my mutimeter from work to find which cables are the +ive and -ive

not seen anything on this on here so ill take a few pics while im at it :)

And when the salts gone from the roads itll be time to fit some 18" alloys (If you've seen my previous threads you'll know iv been sold replica ST alloys. theres a case open on ebay, but it looks like iv been done! :angry: )

going to need to lower it though. i fitted one to see and it looks a bit ridiculous!


cant decide what to do with it though.

the common one is Eibach springs to take it down. but as they increase wear to the shocks i thought that would be a bit much for my 83k old stocks.

so i was thinking of just putting on some coil overs

any input on this?

Cheers guys

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Coming along nicely mate, like the alloys, will be much better once its lowered a bit

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That 'Jeans Blue' mate? Looks the same colour as mine and don't see too many of them on here, but could just look like it in the pics. Any plans for a bit of colour-coding or anything?

Hope you get some sort of resolution with the wheels...they look well though as is, but they were mis-sold at the end of the day. Didn't want to comment much on the other thread after you were saying you'd provided a link for the seller in case something was said that didn't help your case!

Lowering is a must for me with the bigger wheels, but in fairness I'm pretty sure that if you had the 18s on all four corners it wouldn't sit quite as high as that. I've the genuine version of those wheels on but the car was lowered before I got it so not sure by how much, think it's 40mm on yellow Apex springs.

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Cheers Pete :)


Yeh mate, jeans blue :) and i will be colour coding if i get the chance(theres actually a jeans blue titanium where i work thats all colour coded, looks good :) )

im thinking side strips and wing mirrors. dont know if ill do all the fog surround, seems an awkward shape

and yeh i was thinking the same about leaving the thread. i left it after saying he 'replied bluntly' - that was kind of me! haha

It probably will sit lower, but obviously still not low enough

Can i have a bit more info on your suspension mate? is there any camber adjustment or those steering restrictors?

and are they standard shocks and how many miles old?

Thanks a lot mate!!

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Colour coding makes a massive difference for me. Mine's a Titanium as well, so had door handles, side strips and wing mirrors colour coded. Since I've got it though I've changed the wing mirror covers to indicator ones and carbon wrapped them as I picked them up cheap and neither were in my colour! So wrapping was the cheapest option. I was also lucky enough to find a Jeans Blue MS Design spoiler on ebay so added that as well.

I actually have a full ST kit in storage (the spare room, ha!) waiting to go on, but if I was sticking with the standard bumpers I reckon I'd def be getting the front and rear bumper valances, the rear bumper insert, and the fog light brows (just the top trim part) colour coded.

I'd love to give you more info on my suspension mate, but truth be told, I don't have any! Would love to know more myself! I just can see that the springs are yellow, and I reckon it's dropped about 40mm from standard, so I'm assuming they're Apex. Dunno if they're standard shocks or if they were changed when the springs were put on. Shocks are fine at the minute anyway. When I changed from aftermarket wheels to the ST ones, I had serious issues with rear camber where I wrecked a new pair of tyres on the rear in about a month, completely bald on the inside. Camber adjusted and alignment sorted and they've been spot on since. So I'm assuming camber adjustable bolts are on there as I watched them adjust it. My car had 46k on the clock when I got it Nov 2011, and I'm up to about 85k now I think.

No steering rack limiter on mine, but I wish there was, and might yet put one on. My old wheels were 7.5 wide and I'd know issues, but when I put on the 8inch wide ST wheels it rubbed a hole on the driver's arch liner on full left lock.

Not wanting to clog up YOUR thread with pics of MY car, but here's one showing it lowered and with the side strips and that colour coded like you're thinkin of. You might notice the wrapped wing mirrors and side repeaters as well! ;)


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i guess I'll have to get the camber bolts then

thanks for the info mate!

And post away, yours looks great! ..your 3 door will always look sportier than mine, but im definitely getting ideas!

the tinted indicators look better than the bright ones i have (little things ey! lol)

the side strips will be getting painted, but im not sure how i would go about painting the door handles

you sound pretty sorted with the ST kit though! :)

im still looking about at options for lowering though ..dont want to put money into springs only for the 85k old shocks to go straight away


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