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Diesel Fuel In Engine Oil


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Hi everyone, its been a while,

Anyhow had to make an appointment last night and time was tight, an m-way run of 30 miles at well over the limit, during the latter stages of this run the oil warning light came on the dash and also some message flashed up on the centre radio console.

Now this was not anywhere near flat out with my foot no where near the floor.

Now the oil can symbol shows a wavy line under neath , also this stays on all the time car is running, accompanied by a brief message on centre console saying

'oil change due at next service'

The hand book states tis particular oil can with wavy line means fuel in oil.

I have never come across this type of oil warning light before on any previously owned diesel car.

has anyone else suffered this same issue, is there something wrong with my engine that has gone wrong that has allowed this to develop.

The car has been serviced at my local independant garage using Ford genuine parts and reccomended oil, this was serviced only 7,500 miles ago.

The car mainly runs on m-way 60 mls per day 5 days week between 70-75mph.

Any thought would be much appreciated.

This is the 95 bhp version.


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The DPF cleaning cycle is the cause of this and I am surprised given you do a lot of motorway work.

The DPF is cleaned out by the fuel system over-fueling and creating hotter temperatures down the exhaust to burn off the collected soot on the DPF. Some diesel will wash past the piston rings and into the engine so raising the level of the oil. The warning light you see is an oil quality sensor that measures oil quality.

You need to check the oil level ASAP and make sure it is not over the top limit of the dipstick or the engine will ingest it and run on its own oil and blow up.

At my last service I thought the dealers had underfilled the oil as it was just over half-way on the dipstick, this is to allow for any changes in oil level due to the DPF cycle.

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Depends how you use the car, mine is always motorway and the oil level was lower when it went for its first service, something I would expect with a new engine.

Friend had a new Passat and it was used round town, then it ran on its own oil and blew the engine, VW refused to pay out!

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Hi fellas, I spoke to my mechanic and he was very surprised that this warning light had come on especially as he knows what the car does each week on my commute to work, -300mls plus.

He has spoken to the local Ford senior technician he knows and the story is that as its a Peugeot engine it is very susceptible to soot on the sensor -egr valve being bunged up, and whilst their is a remote chance of fuel contamination the Ford man says the sensor may require re-setting which will be the only problem, the way the car is used he has more or less discounted egr problems.

The oil is being checked tomorrow and if all is ok a sensor re-set is all that is required.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Will keep you informed on what happens, I hope It never ends in a run away engine.


PS.Fortunately we have 2 cars so have only driven about 10 miles after oil warning came on.

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III had same issue just after my 12.5K service. This was caused by not resetting the service interval, which they should of done. Ford should be able to talk you through how to do this, or search the web.

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Just an up-date on my issues.

Had the oil changed on recommendation after my mechanic had a look at its condition.

He drained it the used a flush product the replenished with the Ford recommended oil,as before.

Apparently this Peugeot engine is known to be a 'dirty' beast .

I hope this does not cause more issues but only time will tell.



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Diesel Fuel In Engine Oil- Warning Light. (Picture of oil can with a zig zag line underneath).

[ This happened to me a week after the oil was changed ].

First check th oil level, if it is over full, this is usually means Diesel in the Engine Oil, it may smell strongly of Diesel; the Oil needs changing.

For information on why this can occur Google Diesel Particulate Filter.

( In normal running Engine Oil has some odours like a Barbeque ).

If everything seems O.K. follow the list below, to Re-Set the sensor.

To reset the oil service light, use the following procedure:

1. With the ignition in the off position, press the brake and accelerator pedals.

2. For keyed vehicles, turn the key to the accessory position; for pushbutton start vehicles, press the Start/Stop button once quickly.

Do not start the engine.

3. Press the accelerator and brake pedals fully for 20 seconds.

4. “Engine Oil Change Due Next Service” and the oil service light will display.

5. Turn the vehicle off.

The message and lights will be cleared.

Happy Motoring. :D

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If for any reason you want to see ALL the warning lights together and to stay on and have the gauges check themselves.

In the instrument cluster there is a stalk sticking out , if you press this in and keep pressed in, turn on the Ignition, after about 15 seconds the LED light shows TEST, release the stalk.

If you then press and release this it moves the programme on to the next menu , repeat until you reach GAUGES being displayed at this point ALL the lights will come on and stay on.

To get out of this mode , just switch the Ignition off.

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