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1St Oil Change?

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Im interested in this too how much oil is needed is the filter a canister or a pop in cardboard job? Is there any do,s/ dont,s do these need the crank angle sensor disconnecting i only ask as i used too on the turbo legacy

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That oil is fine.

@Maddogpro - I think it's 6 litres, and it's a cartridge filter which you need a 36mm 'special socket' for (one with the corners cut out to prevent rounding) - it's a Laser 3491 or equivalent.

Simple job, no need to touch anything other than the filler cap, dipstick, sump plug and filter.

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whatever you do,DONT try and remove the end without the 36mm socket. you'll end up buggering the plastic nut.I nearly ruined mines,& that was just with one slip. 5.8ltrs mine took

Plus, it isn't actually a nut, per se, it's a nut-shaped bit of plastic that's part of the filter casing. If you wreck the nut, you need to replace the whole casing.

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Thankyou i have 36mm sockets so will give it a gentle go

If they aren't the ones with corner cut-outs, then for the love of sanity - don't!

The casing will be on there !Removed! tight (I needed an 18" breaker on mine - could not budge it with a standard ratchet), and in all seriousness you stand more than a fair chance of wrecking it without the correct tools.

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