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Hey All New Here And It My First Question.


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I need some advice and guidance on how to disinfect the aircon in my car. I have used the Comma aircon bomb in the past with varied results with my Mondeo. I have bought some Dettol spray (kills all bad things dead 99.9% anyway lol) to spray into the intake to the air system (I think its under the windscreen but I know the pollen filter in found in the drivers foot well) Would like anyone to confirm this before I gas my self.



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I always thought the best way to keep an air con system happy and healthy is to use it as often as possible and once in a while put ya heating up on full for 10 mins so it all gets nice an hot. I assume the air bomb thing would kill any nasties in the system. If your having trouble with moisture check the pollen filter and check all the drainage channels.

I know this probably isn't loads of help but its what I do with mine and ie not really had an issue with any of my cars.



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Thanks Adrian,

My Fiesta doesn't suffer from damp (apart from when it was leaking in to the wheel well but all fixed awhile ago). I watched a video on youtube of someone spraying a antibacterial agent into the vents under the windscreen outside his car with his A/C on and fans on full to clean out all the ducts in the system. Want to make sure that the vents under my cars windscreen does draw air into the cabin. If it does from that location, I will do the same with the detox spray.

Kind Regards,


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