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Cleaning Egr.

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I pick up my 1.8 TDCi on Tuesday. It only has 24k on the clock. Is it worth blanking off the EGR now rather than wait until it's gets all gooed up and giving me problems later?

Probably, yes.

Its worth taking it off to see if there is any build up already and clean that off first.

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To clean the EGR properly involves removing it, and the inlet manifold, and cleaning it with a brush and solvent (petrol, thinners, engine de-greasant mr muscle etc) its a really dirty job, if you don't remove the EGR valve and inlet manifold, any carbon/ muck will be ingested into the engine, which is not good,

So i recommend you just fit the (solid, stainless steel) blanking plate only, (without spraying anything into the engine) or remove the EGR + inlet manifold and clean it properly, or have it cleaned (i just gave my inlet manifold to a valeter to use a high-power jet-wash to clean it)

"better to put the muck into a bucket than back into the engine"

I designed and fitted an EGR delete system for my car 7 years ago and know a little bit about EGRs, blanking plates, etc, i would never spray anything into the engine when it was running

Just fitting the solid plate will stop the carbon building up more if you are not prepared to clean the EGR / inlet manifold properly by taking it off / cleaning it

I agree with Foca with regards to taking the egr off and cleaning it manualy.

If you spray anything into it and if chunks of carbon break off and go into the engine, your taking a risk of knakering the engine. Also spraying in situ will not gaurantee all the crap is cleaned off no matter how many times you spray it, where as taking it off and doing it yourself will.

If your gonna do a job, do it right first time then youll never have to worry about it.

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Ok chaps,going to put the blanking plate on the egr,question for you.which is the best place to put it,bulk head side (rear) or from the side(right) looking at engine. thanks again.

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+1 on FOCA and Steve, I had no issues with my car before (Edit: OK, didnt have this particular issue before, the car has many many issues!), I then did WHYNN'S EGR cleaner and thought that should give it a bit of a clean before I blank it off, since then I get a lot of black smoke. The EGR is blanked, the smoke is vastly reduced (think I still have an overfuelling issue though) but I didnt have the time to take the EGR off and clean it, and that is the consequence!

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It sounds to me that it could be the DPF filter is getting blocked that's if you have one fitted?

If you have one fitted to your model then to clean it you need to drive your car down the motorway in a low gear with high revs.

A new DPF filter is expensive or try and have it cleaned for you.

I believe reading on the forum a while ago that you can have the DPF removed and remapped for around £200.

I hope this info helps

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Hi Alan,

Unfortunately removal is no longer an option! theres a thread on the forum discussing the new changes to MOT rules...

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