Diesel Fusion

Fusion Or Focus Diesel Estate On A Budget. Which One Should I Go For ?.

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With a 1.4TDCI Fusion it's easy, it has only 1 muffler at the end so if there's a thicker piece in the front pipe it's a DPF. Luckily it's a dumb one without sensors and easily removed ;)

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I know you can tell from looking under the car whether or not it has a DPF or not. Of course I have no idea what i'm looking for, but I'm sure next time your car's in for a service or something they'll be able to have a look and tell you :). Also, you can't always trust etis to the letter - it says mine's a saloon when it's a hatchback.

Dont trust anyone but me to service my cars, I know whats gone in and its done right. I haven't had it that long and was led to believe it didn't have one so never looked, looked tonight and it does its at front of engine as part of down-pipe, but no re-gen tank to worry about so will be fettled when it misbehaves :P

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