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Do I Just Have A Crappy Version, Or Is Something Wrong? (Speedo\dash)


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Dear Forum,

This is my first post in your forums, but I hope to be able to contribute in the future!

As you will see from the link, I seem unable to change the "permanent" setting from range to the clock, is it supposed to be like this? Should I not have more options, or did I just buy the not so very good-version (trend, not Ghia)?

The car:

1.4 tdci (she's a racer, alright..)

2007 Fiesta

done 70k km (roughly 43k miles)

Plans for it:

- installing an armrest (why, oh why is there no armrest??)

- chopping off a bit of my left foot as there is no room for it near the clutch-pedal (I'm 191 cm tall, roughly 6'2)

- installing the aux kit, just have to get around to ordering it first

- driving many, many miles in it with my girlfriend and two dogs (who says you need a big car??)

Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40916060/20140304_081154.mp4

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