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Will 17/45/205 Fit On My Fiesta???


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The optional 17" wheels from ford are 17" x 7", with 205/40/17 tyres, so looks like 205/45/17 will be too large (they may fit, but speedo will under-read your speed).

1.0 125 Zetec S on order!

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The 45 referring to the side wall of the tyre and has nothing to do with the alloy

Buy them and just buy a 205/40/17 tires and you should be fine, thats the size the stock 17' alloy comes with as mat said. I've read that the steering rack limiter is optional but it is like 7 pounds.

What are you currently running? Just make sure you check the speedo error difference on a new alloy size website and adjust your speed as such it is recommended not to go above 5% difference in error though

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Plenty of good advice regarding the tyres. What about the alloys ? Are they Fiesta or aftermarket.

Ford Fiesta 17 x 7 alloys are 47.5 et. This is the offset that the wheel mounting face is from the centre line of the rim.

What is the pcd? Pitch Centre Diameter. Fiesta is 108 x 4.

Ford fit a steering rack limiter to all cars with 17inch wheels. Limits the wheel from fouling the inner wing. As mentioned by Hjalmar about £7.50 from Fords.

If the wheels are not to these specs, walk away, if they are and the tyres are 45 profile and not 40 then its up to you, the speedo should read a fraction faster than actual road speed, ( check it against a good navigation device) Iff the tyres will need replacing soon then you will sort it then when you replace them.

Remember what you miss on ebay today you will find a better deal tomorrow.

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What do you mean, what size should you be looking for?

You want an alloys with a PCD of 4x108 so that the studs fit into the alloys.

You can easily fit, 15, 16, 17 inch alloys on your Fiesta. The first two with tyres with a 195 and the latter with a 205 tire width. Side walls can always be changed by going for a lower profile tire if they come with the wrong one.

If you are buying genuine Fiesta alloys it should just be to bolt them on with a balance and you should be on your way, it gets more complex when you go for after market ones because then you need to look at offset, centre hole size and quality (some aftermarket have been known to snap due to bad quality). What is it you are thinking of getting?

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