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Mk3 2002 Mondeo Cutting Out

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hey guys. :) so this has happened 3 or four times so far and im hoping this is a quick easy fix. the glow plug light has started to come on then the car would go in limp mode and cut out, once the car has had the ignition turned off and on. the car starts and is back to normal. any ideas guys? also on occasion the airbag light flickers on then off. :unsure:

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You need to tell us what model/ type/ capacity of engine it is, there is 2.0L diesel TDCI 130, (common rail) and a TDDI direct injection 115PS, a 90PS, then there are sub-species such as different turbos, (fixed vane, VNT) MAF, different inlet manifold designs. EGR placement (front or rear) etc etc

I can tell you it did not have a 6-speed 'box or an electronic actuator when it left the factory

EDIT - must be a diesel as it has a glow plug light - this is used as an EML (Engine Management Light) if there is a fault detected the ECU (Engine Control Unit/ computer ) may put the car into "Limp Home Mode" (so you can "limp home" with less power/ putting less stress on the engine) turning the ignition off/on often resets this

To help find the problem, a code reader really helps, you will need to find a Ford compatible one that is pre- OBD11 on a 2002 diesel - F-super or a bluefin handset are the only ones i know will work,) generic OBD11 (OBD2) readers will not work, even if they have the Ford protocols

Once you have the fault codes you can post them up on the forum

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Definitely need more info but ad to the airbag light could be something like a bad connection on the driver's seat, or like mine a defective loom to one of the airbags

Sent from my MY SAGA C2 using Ford OC mobile app

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just a thought check your earth connections.

there should be one underneath the battery that is for both the glow plugs and the airbags.

as i said this is just a guess .


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cheers guys. could of sworn i wrote the details of the car lol. :unsure: its a 2002 mk3 mondeo 2.0 lx 130 bhp i believe. i used to have a mk1 galaxy which has a boatload of problems so i bought a code reader that plugged into me laptop. wonder if that will fit?/work. the code reader works through a software called vcds lite. B)

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