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Melted Radiator Hose Switch And Fan Switch - Cause?

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Hi there,

We've got 1997 Ford Escort Cabriolet 1.8 Ghia.... with an overheating problem. The engine's cooling fan doesn't kick in.

We found out the top radiator hose switch (Part No 7001612) and plug were both melted and we replaced them. But now it seems that the radiator fan switch is also melted. What could be the cause of these things happening?

We also get an intermittent a ticking/clicking sound which sounds like it's coming from the dash - electrical problem clearly - which might be connected.

We'd be very grateful for any ideas/advice.

Thank you,

Paul and Ros.

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I am wondering if you had a blocked pipe, or failed stat, meaning the car has probably overheated melting all of these components.

It may also be an indicator that your antifreeze is very much in need of refreshing!

As for the clicking, when does it happen?

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Thanks for you suggestions.... the clicking is completely random, we can't associate it with anything. Sometimes it just starts up and carries on for a while and then it stops, and sometimes we have weeks where it doesn't happen at all, but we have no idea why.

Actually we've just discovered two wheel-bearings need replacing too (quote for work £450, exceeding the value of the car) and with the overheating problem and electrical problem, we have decided to scrap it and get something less problematic. Great shame. It was a lovely thing, for all its problems.

Ros and Paul

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