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Need Some Advice On Ford Fusion Repair


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Hi All

I am not very good with cars so will do my best to explain the problem.

I have a Ford Fusion 2003 Semi Automatic 1.4 with 89,000 Miles and in a good shape.

The other day the car totally cut out on a junction and I had it towed to my local garage.

They have called me today and said it is either the semi automatic clutch controller, or another part of the system that controls the automatic clutch ( can not remember the name they used).

They have advised me if it is the clutch controller it would be £1000, if the other part of the clutch £1800.

Just wanted peoples opinion, A on the prices and B on whether it would be worth repairing because of the age, millage etc.

Earlier this year I put in a new top have of the engine by an engine specialist as the cambelt went and damaged the engine. So I have already spent 1k on the repairs on this car this year and don't know if it is worth the spend.

Cosmetically the car inside and out is in very good condition and apart from the clutch no other issues.


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Unfortunately the parts, assuming they have failed, are expensive to replace.

But, a good garage could fix the problem for a lot less as sometimes the wiring loom is at fault and the gear selector motors can be repaired. It's your call on what you want to spend.

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Unfortunately the likes of the clutch actuator are expensive and as has been said, the cost of repair is not proportionate to the value of the vehicle, and I would suggest also it may be worth investing the money in a replacement vehicle.

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