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First Fiesta


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Im on the look out for a fiesta for my first car at the moment. Having nearly bought one with a blown head gasket from a trusted local dealer im finding the process quite nervy!

I went to see a 2005 plate 1.25 private sale today. Met at their place of work out of convenience for me. This was a couple of of miles from there home address so I guess the engine has been run roughly 10 minutes. On opening the bonnet I noticed there were bubbles forming around the outside of coolant overflow cap. Had a look inside and put the cap back on. Starting the engine there was a steady stream of fizzy white bubbles visible at the top of the Res. Have I found another with HG issues?

I've set a budget of around £1500, I could spend more but being my first car Im reluctant to spend money on something Im likely scratch/dent. Its proving tough finding something that doesnt seem to have issues though!

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I got my first car about 6 months ago, 55 plate 1.25 3dr. Paid about 2000 from a dealership full service history one driver from new. Apart from a small oil leak no issues and we'll looked after.

I could see loads at around 1500 with higher specs but they were private sellers and probably had faults. I paid more for reassurance.

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