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Strange Knock From Rear Driverside Wheel :s


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This morning when I got in the mondeo for the first time in a few days there was a random quite loud springy noise as I sat down in the car.

The car seems to drive fine but on going over a speed bump the rear driverside wheel seemed to knock as it went over the bump. Front end seemed to go over fine but the rear seemed to knock.

Don't think knock is the correct word for it but it was quite strange. It seems to do it when I go over most speed bumps. Varying in noise and feel depending how hard I take the bump. Say no harder than 20 though.

Sometimes it sounds like the wheel is scraping on the wheel arch liner.

Its quite worrying.

Can anyone suggest what the problem may be?

The car was driving fine the other day and does drive fine now when not going over bumps.

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thats what i was worrying about

how would a spring simply break on a 6 year old car?

how much am i looking at for repair/replacement if that is the case?

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Springs can break at anytime. I have heard stories in the past of people sitting watching to and hearing a bang from the car on the drive, look out and see nothing. The next morning discover a broken spring.

The rear springs ain't to bad to do, i would hazard a guess at £80 a side using a quality doing such as Sachs.

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is there any way of me having a look myself at the spring or does it have to go up on a ramp? guess i'll have to drive it to my mechanic.

just typical the 3 month warranty from the dealer has just ran out

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Just have a look in the wheel arch, a torch might help. Look for a loose bit of spring in the middle of the spring cup. Look for any clean shiny metal at the end of the coil, clean metal would indicate a fresh break.

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Couldn't see anything myself with torch so I took the car round to my mechanic so he could jack it up and get underneath..

The driver side spring has definitely gone...

And the passenger side too..


The small bit is what come off the passenger side, the big bit is from the driver side

I know I'm pushing 13 stone but I didn't think my backside was fat enough to break my springs

Not that I can afford it right now/at all with baby on the way and work withholding work from me, but I'm slightly contemplating replacing the springs all round with eibachs

Are these what I need?


And is that the going rate for them or is it possible to get them cheaper?

I can't get anything done until tuesday as mechanic is rammed until then so I'm gonna have to take speeds bumps or any bump at all for that matter extra slow n gentle till then.

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My mechanics got a quote of 120 for the pair of rear springs. Not sure what brand yet

Can someone advise on whether the Eibach springs I linked above are correct?

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Finally got my rear springs replaced today. The brand of the replacement is Kilen, does anyone have any knowledge of these springs? At £126 the pair I hope they are good quality and they came from my trusted mechanics trusted supplier.

New spring



New against old


With one bad thing being solved though comes another and while I was on my way to have the springs replaced I received this damage


See this thread here


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