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Meguiar's Ultimate Compound And Swirls...

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I finally got to properly clean the new car today. The previous owner must have had a blind fellow with a dirty rag wash it.. Swirls everywhere.

I bought a DA polisher when I had my previous car... Some Lake Country pads.. And after doing some reading I figured I'd try Meguiars Ultimate Compound.

So, jet wash, snow foam, jet wash, two bucket shampooing, claying done.. I tackled the swirls.

I didn't do badly. Lots of the deep ones are out - but there's still some persistent ones around the place.. And some weird light hologramming - is this a side effect of the Meguiars stuff? Can these be polished out with some Autoglym Super Resin Polish?

I've given up for today - I need to fix this hologram issue tomorrow and wax the thing :)

Any help would be appreciated.

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I use the megs da 2 stage range. It provides really good results.

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on hologramming -> http://www.carcleaningguru.com/removing-buffer-trailshologramming/

As far as I am aware autoglym super resin has fillers so yes it will take them out, but when the fillers where away then they will reappear. ( if memory serves me correctly which is not that reliable so i may be wrong lol)

myself i would and do use megs 105 mirror glaze for deeper (with orange pad) and megs 205 (white pad) for the lighter stuff. Pad clolours dont count if they are megs pads as they have their own colour system lol

Like him or hate him when i started looking this all up for 10 yr old paint i ended up watching shed loads of stuff on you tube by "junkman2000" and i watched it over and over and over.

hope in some small way this helps :)

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if you have used Meguiars Ultimate Compound best thing to finish with is Meguiars speed glaze will leave it looking like glass then you put what ever protcion you are using on ;-)

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