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T Reg Ka - misfire!!! Info/help please.....


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Right, the Ka has also developed a misfire now!!!

Came on quite suddenly and was pretty bad. All 4 cyls seemed to be sparking at idle.

Changed the spark plugs and it was 100% fine - for about a week!!!

Started the odd little misfire again now and yesterday in the rain - well let's just say it's worse in the wet, but did improve slightly when the car was warmed up (something dried out??)!!!

Any ideas on what commonly causes misfires on these?? Seems strange it was ok for a bit after changing the plugs!!

Leads next?? Likely to fail, really??

Straight for a change of coil pack??? Do they fail??

Also, anyone know of an online guide, pics, etc for changing leads / coil packs???

I can't see it and i can't really get my hands in there!!

Also heard rumors that to change the drivers side bulb you need the car up in the air, wheel off, wheel arch liner out, etc?? Any easier way?? Any online guide for changing a bulb???

I hate these little cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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to check the ht leads have car running in the dark (at night)

look under bonnett for any sparking.

on the bulb change you don't need to jack the car up lol

there is a cove you pop off to get at the bulb under the bonnet

easy job to do

5 mins

on the rest i will have to get my manual out

you aut to buy a haynes manual & it does help a great deal with the ka m8

as i always buy one when getting a car

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I'll have a look at the leads tonight, but i'm not expecting them to be the problem tbh!!

I'll have to have a poke about with that light then - did the passenger side a while back like that, but everyone i've spoken to said the drivers side is a big p.i.t.a!!!!! Most garages won't even change it for us!!!!!

I know, i need a haynes!!!!!!!! Got loads of them, but not for a ka yet!!! Haven't really needed one until now!! Lol!!

I'm gonna jump on eBay!!!

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what model do you have and what bulb needs replacing

do yuo mean the indicator bulb in the wing ?

if you do then you should be able to pop off the orange lenz from the outside

that's if there is a side indicator one.

to do it you slide the orange lenz towards the rear of the car & it's wipp pop out

then turn the bulb housing anticlockwise to remove the bulb

it also says in my manual that iff the lenz is a tight fit you need to remove the inner wing lining & wheel then depress the lenz tab,or

you can just remove some of the screws that hold the lining on to get your hand in m8

i done the same on my ford galaxy & did not take off the whole lining

othewise from my haynes manual all bulbs for head lights are accessable from under the bonnett

on the coil pack all you do is follow the ht leads & it they attatch to the coil pack.

i think all 4 goes into 1 coil pack.

you need to jack the car up & it's located on the rhs rear of the cylinder block below the inlet manifold

you get to it from above but it's difficoult.

it's located on the left if looking at the engine from the front of the car

another thing to check is the vacuum hose at the throttle body as this can be a problem .

check if there is a leak m8.

it's an easy job as it's on the top of the engine

lmk on the bulb as to what one needs replacing

look here :-


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'99 model!!

Sorry, i meant headlight bulb!!! I'll have a look later, just remember how annoying the passenger side headlight bulb was, so i'm trying to put it off!!!!

Followed the ht leads, but my hands don't really fit down the back of the engine!! Sounds like i'm gonna have to get my tools out and get this car up in the air!!

Vacuum hose is a good idea, i'l give that a once over later on!!

Cheers for that!!

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