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Attention: Badgeless Grills


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Hey all,

Just wanted to make you guys aware of how potentially fatal it can be to take the shunt of getting a Badgeless grill on your car.

I brought my car a few months ago and the previous owner had modified the standard grill and replaced original components with a cheap mesh material which obviously made the usual method of opening a Ford bonnet redundant. This requiring 'bonnet pins/locks'.

Driving down the dual carriageway at 70/80 MPH and or or unknown reason (yes I make sure it's always securely locked) the pins slipped causing the bonnet to fly up and smash into my windscreen.

The bonnet completely reverted into the windscreen, shattered the glass flying all over the inside of the car, ripped through both front wings with the hinges, dented and damaged the bonnet and dented the roof where the bonnet has hit my aerial housing.post-63417-143899710455_thumb.jpgpost-63417-143899711718_thumb.jpgpost-63417-143899712927_thumb.jpgpost-63417-143899714439_thumb.jpgpost-63417-143899715393_thumb.jpg

Luckily I managed to controllably stop the car without losing control otherwise it could have been a lot worse than it was! Bearing in mind I was blind and had to suddenly try and stop on a busy dual carriageway.

Just a word of warning that unless properly installed or not at all, I wouldn't recommend the above. I feel quite lucky to have not been seriously hurt.

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Not nice, there should still have been some form of safety latch under the bonnet somewhere.

If you've badly dented the roof and upper windscreen surround then you may have to be prepared for a cat b write off.

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Ouch, well done for managing a controlled stop and im glad youre ok! I hope you told your insurance about the bonnet pins otherwise i will be amazed if they pay out.

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