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Karl - Kildare

Dmf Versus Crankshaft Discussion

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Advised in June 2015 by Main Dealer to replace flywheel (DMF) plus clutch kit etc, for my 09 S Max (100k on clock). Original noise was minimal. Same replaced by Dealer with one year warranty. Car then only did maximum 200 - 300 km post DMF fitting, as children off school and no need for car - No Motorway driving.

Last week (August 2015), I heard a severe "chain-like" rattling noise from engine when on Motorway - day trip to the sea -. Rapidly got worse and after 5-10 seconds I indicated to go onto hard shoulder. While "driving (slowing down)" onto the hard shoulder I heard a heavy "thump" from driver's side of engine. Car recovered by AA and brought back to home - Car was in "Limp Home Mode" -.

Experienced diesel mechanic (relative of mine) quickly felt banging and heard noise coming from Bellhousing area - He advised me to send the car to the Main Dealer.

Car was recovered that day from my house by the Dealer.

Called in yesterday by Dealer for discussion and analysis. Flywheel had lost 3 bolts which had been sheared off and part of bolts remain in situ. Dealer advised that they also found the crankshaft pulley broken and on floor of it's housing compartment. On a quick estimate, they advise up to 6,500 euros of "consequential" damage - too technical for me to explain -. They also put a "Claim" into Ford Ireland as it was in their opinion that the damage was caused by the faulty DMF. They finally advised me that Ford's position might be to counter-claim saying that the crankshaft pulley might have caused the damage to the DMF rather than the DMF causing the damage.

Has anyone heard of this scenario where crankshaft pulleys fail so badly and without warning, that they cause this sequence to occur and does anyone know if there is a Ford recommendation to check the crankshaft pulley's integrity, post / pre DMF replacement?

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