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Noise from Engine? Engine warning light on


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I bought a ford Focus 1.6 GHIA petrol today,  the drive home was fine about 20 miles.

However took it out again about an hour later and the engine warning light has come on and feels very sluggish.  There engine sounds very ticky as per the video?

The car has done 58k it is a 2005 model and had full service history (however the last service was 14 months ago)

Below is a link to the video, any ideas? Feeling very frustrated as you can imagine!!

I have the below codes from the DTC













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Sounds like the hydraulic lifters need redoing although an oil change might 'calm' them down! Did you get the car from a dealer? Cause if so they should have serviced it before you picked it up!

How did you get the DTC codes, did you use an ELM cable or did you just use the 'dashboard trick' as you'll need a reader to get the proper codes.

List of DTC codes :- https://www.engine-light-help.com/ford-check-engine-light.html

ford wiki codes :- http://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Ford_Diagnostic_Codes_List

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9318 battery voltage low

e200 invalid data from odometer due to low battery probably

e196 invalid data from speed sensor battery again

47 invalid data from pats system battery again

a103 antenna not plugged in battery again

d9681 I thinks 9601 incorrect key from pats again from s flat battery

e510 is maf out of range new maf required

d900 can comm issue can be from the battery low or another sensor

so ide start with a new battery and a new maf sensor

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Just a quick update on this, I am taking it back to the dealer on Friday for him to look at.  However I am not holding out much hope with him as he says only the engine is covered by the standard warranty and it will cost to get it fixed if it is not the engine so I might be going down the Consumer Rights Act for a full refund.

Anyway something I forgot to mention when I first posted this was that when I drove the car away I then noticed it was 0 miles to zero but because the petrol light was well in the red I thought that was normal.

I filled the car to the top and it still read 0, after a while it read 400 miles to 0.

I then when through the options and the MPG was also at 0 and a few other options like driven distance (i think).  Then the MPG has been increasing slowly since then and currently sits at 25mpg (I have probably done around 20-25 miles in total in the car)

I dont know if any of this suggests it is one thing or the other though.



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the 3month warranty by law covers almost everything though it depends on age and condition but if the car is sold and not up to the job you can demand a repair or you're money back or an exchange so don't listen to the dealer the car was sold with faults

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Take it back and demand they fix it its less than 14 days old (to you it is anyway) if their 1/2 decent dealers they should do it, if I was you I wouldn't do any work your self yet it could mess up any warranty you do have, but it does sound like battery or cluster fault 

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I have had the car checked with a proper reader now and it came with the error "A camshaft position slow" P000a

I got someone out today to check over the car as I had doubts over the car in general (I was a bit paranoid) but all is ok with the rest of it.

The guy only had his portable reader with him and not his full machine, as I did not get him out for this he did this as a favour as it was not included in the cost.

It is going back to the garage tomorrow but one thing I forgot to ask the guy who came out was how big a job it is (time wise) to replace this sensor? I will not be paying money for this I just want to know time scales.

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